The Tea Owl

Kashmir, known for more than just its picturesque Valleys and Mountains, is also home to a variety of soul-warming Tea served in the locality. It is this beauty of ‘the Heaven on Earth’ that we sought to bring to every household, to every tea connoisseur out there. Our love for Tea and the childhood memories of Kashmir have brought about the inception of the ‘Tea Owl’. With every blend that we curate, we bring the two worlds of the Traditional and the Contemporary together. We have explored the lengths and breadths of Kashmir to bring the finest Tea, Ingredients, Combinations, Herbs, and Flavours to you. ‘Tea’ being an inseparable part of our lives as Indians, there is not one day that goes by without sipping on a brimming cup of hot tea. To make this experience better, we have handcrafted all our blends keeping in mind the health aspect along with providing the best experience in terms of taste, aroma and beauty.

Our Story

Everyone has some memories they cherish for lifetime. Memories that make you nostalgic every time you think about them. For me those memories are the sleepless nights spent with cousins during college breaks and unforgettable talks all night.
It was like a reunion of all of us cousins, music played from stolen Cassette tape from big brother’s trunk, sleepless night’s never-ending conversations and a flask full of tea was a daily routine during that break. I still remember we used to have tea at least 3 times in the night. That hot cup and our chit chat used to go on till 5 in the morning. The time when our grandfather used to wake up for walk and that was an alarm for us to go to sleep. He used to call us Raat moguls (owl in Kashmiri) . It was a routine to kiss him good morning and then go to sleep at 5 am.
When I wanted to turn this passion for tea into a brand the memory about our sleepless nights and tea gave me inspiration to call it TEA OWL.

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