Turmeric Detox (50 GM – 25 Cups)

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Ingredients: turmeric, Ginger, Carrom Seeds, Fennel seeds, Clove, Cinnamon, Blackpepper

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Turmeric is considered to be one of the magical herbs which has many healing properties . Our turmeric detox is a herbal, caffeine-free formulation that may help boost the body’s immune system and improve metabolism. Made with nature’s best
picks; this Detox Herbal Tea has a plethora of health benefits and rich flavour.
The Peppercorns, Clove and Ginger are natural laxatives that aid digestion and help
maintain gut health. Cinnamon is loaded with anti-oxidants, soothing agents, anti-
inflammatory and more medicinal properties. Turmeric helps boost the immunity, reduces
skin pigmentation, improves digestion and has healing & antiseptic properties. Fennel seeds
and Carom seeds help cure indigestion and bloating instantly. This Detox Tea blend is a mix
of detoxifying and health building components. Healthier, toxin free body means better
skin, hair and overall health.


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50 GM – 25 CUPS


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